Sunday, February 19, 2006

Inflight fantasy

After more than my fair share of flights on Emirates during December and January, I was left with no in-flight movie option apart from Dreamer, starring child prodigy Dakota Fanning (incidentally responsible for the only plausible bit of human emotive acting in War of the Worlds - the aliens were far superior).

The film centres around a racehorse who is saved from the bullet after a racing injury by her broke trainer. Apparently, the story was inspired by truth - and the fiction element was no more obvious than in one scene. When describing a great stallion, the character referred to him as "one of the greatest horses that ever raced - he even won the Dubai World Cup".

Hmmmm. A horse being defined in its greatness as the winner of the Dubai World Cup is about as likely as Elvis working down the chip shop. Especially for the parochial Yanks, 99% of whom wouldn't know where Dubai was, let alone send a horse to race there. Blatant product placement if ever I heard it.....


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