Saturday, December 31, 2005

From Blackpool to Riyadh

While watching Flog It on BBC today (a ghastly programme where pikey people flog their relatives' prized possessions, usually "for a bit o' cash to spend on a five day break in Tenerife") the commentator started talking about the Blackpool illuminations. The illuminations are a 6 mile visual assault of flashing lights and fairground attractions, peppered with dodgy nightclubs - tacky but fabulous.

Apparently, the illuminations are much sought-after for resale purposes. According to the nice man they were interviewing: "We sell loads to Skegness. And even to Saudi Arabia. One year, Colonel Gaddafi tried to buy the whole lot!" Apparently, the market value for 6 miles of flashing lights is more than £9 million... glad to see that's what is catching the eye of Arab leaders these days.


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