Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Reality check

And in case I got too carried away in my Jules Verne-esque lightning trip around the southern hemisphere, there were a few messages to bring me back down to earth.

Danny: "The Melbourne Cup tip you gave me was crap. Am never listening to you again."

Harper: "Couldn't get you any orange Aeros in duty free, will mint do? PS am texting this from 35,000 feet, so might bring the BA flight crashing down."

James: "The tie you gave me has mysteriously changed colour. Not sure it goes with my shirt any more."

Family: "When are you coming home for Christmas?"

Amber: "The models are eating pizza again, but their butts are shrinking... Save me."


Blogger Baroque said...

love the bit about the model's butts shrinking! ;p

i hope my butt shrinks when i eat pizza ;)

i would never eat anything else!

1:16 AM  

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