Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Death by fairy light

Today was a day of two cultures. First stop was iftar at Automatic restaurant on the beach road, where we had an authentic feast, washed down with the far-from-authentic music of The Carpenters. According to those fasting in our office, this year has been a lot easier than usual. Mo said: "There are so many good Arabic shows on television during Ramadan. Really, it's just like American television - we're waiting for Desperate Dishdashes."

After iftar, Amber and I went to the launch of the new Christmas collection at The One, where the interiors store invited the whole of Upper Umm Sequiem to wade through the baubles, velvet cushions and candles in return for an opening night 10 per cent discount. After two hours spent in the festive extravaganza, to the Christmas tunes of Chris Rea, The Pogues and Smith&Jones with Kim Wilde, we had to leave, eyes weary from a fairy light-related visual assault.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

There's nothing washing down some salty kofta and yummy-fattening humus to the tunes of the late anorexic Karen Carpenter...

10:31 AM  

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