Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Model behaviour

Beverley regaled us with tales of a trip to Dubai last year, where she was following the normal itinerary of a business trip: boozy lunches, bit of work, straight out, drink copious amounts of wine, fall over, go to a dive of a club, get introduced to Bullfrogs by sniggering Dubai hosts, dance around, and stumble back at 3am, and wake up at 7am to do it all again.

Only this time, Beverley was hosting an fashion event, complete with the requisite number of media lackeys, guzzling free drink and trying to get off with the glamorous - yet uber-dim - 18-year-old models. Midway through the night, at a club Bev can't even remember the name of, one of the models turned her attentions in another direction.

Beverley said: "It's not the lipstick lesbian thing that bothered me the most - and yes, she did use her tongue - but the fact I was totally unprepared, and got an attack of the panics in case I was crap. And, as she completely blanked me at the airport the next day, perhaps I was ...."


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