Thursday, October 13, 2005

Sex kitten

According to The Telegraph, boot-cut trousers and kitten heels are dead. Not so in Dubai, says Martha, who announces that "Dubai's like so a year behind in fashion terms." A sigh of relief from the females in Upper Beirut (Dubai Media City) who have become surgically attached to their low-riders and strappy sandals. Martha continues: "Kitten heels are just so practical for a working girl - flats are too boho, stilettos too impractical."

Martha's got a bit of a shoe thing, but bemoans the fact that the Dubai climate restricts her footwear options. "Boots are my favourite but it's just too damn hot. I have a zillion pairs, just wasting away." Martha's love of boots was inspired by her ex-boyfriend's love of the same thing. "He used to ask me to keep on my Lycra knee-highs at all times - and I mean all times.... At first it was great as I tapped into my inner vixen - until I got cramp in my foot. Goodbye vixen, hello cripple."


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