Wednesday, November 23, 2005


The trouble with living in a city that is midway through a major growth spurt is how it affects the roads. Not to moan about traffic, but the fact that every primary road in Dubai is having major roadworks over the same area at the same time. So, when there's a major accident on one, as has happened a couple of times on Sheikh Zayed Road near Mall of the Emirates, the city is poleaxed.

In a 21st century version of the Wacky Races this morning, traffic updates are sent via text ('cos we can't talk on the phone while driving, silly') across each road. Something like this:

Me: Two hours later, still stuck, tried to be clever and track through Knowledge Village but road is closed. Am back where I started. Is it home time yet?

JJ: Highway's nuts. Beyatch Road is blocked too. Gaaaah.

Linda: Deserve a medal for getting here - am exhausted.

The Frenchman: Am in camel and bandit country, Ras Al Khaimah.

Mercy: Move over Phileas Fogg, I've been round Dubai in 80 days. Muscles have atrophied from being stuck behind the steering wheel for so long. Have lost the will to go on.

Mike: Still in bed. Staying here.

Tim, who lives near the Burj, deserts the beach road and goes back over the highway, through Emaarville, and then back over the highway to Dubai Media City and still gets there before any of us.

The simple answer seems to stagger the road planning to protect our exit routes when the highway gets blocked.


Blogger desertblog said...

I am beginning to consider hiring a helicopter for my daily commute.

6:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

what i dont understand is why do they start digging in the same area which they had dug and filled just 3-4 weeks ago.. same spot..every single time.. mind boggling..

10:37 AM  

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