Sunday, April 23, 2006

Hubble bubbly, toil and trouble

Clover is full of the joys of spring (and bubbly) .... After a long champagne brunch, she retired to Double Decker, that popular drinking hole in the Murooj Rotana. She was approached by a number of young suitors, who she was happy to flirt with in return for free drinks. Awash with Dutch and French courage, she told one of them that he'd look far better without his goatee, and wearing something other than shorts (he was of Southern Hemisphere persuasion).

Lo and behold, he returned an hour later in trousers and sans beard. "I didn't have the heart to tell him I was wrong, and he looked much better with it," says a wry Clover, who neverthless was delighted with the effectiveness of her feminine guile / wiles. Following that, she took solace in the attentions of Will and Des, her two GBFs (gay best friends - shouldn't every woman have them?).


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Yep they should!

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