Sunday, December 11, 2005

Slow-mo travel

New record set by moi on the return from Europe. 110 minutes after the plane landed, I finally exited the terminal - somehow, I can't see them mentioning that in the marketing material. It's true, I don't have an e-gate card so have to take some responsibility for this - but every tourist flying in at the same time had the same wait. Marhaba and welcome to our staggeringly long queues for the passport counters, which are never more than half open regardless of how busy it is, and to our extra scanning machines, while we make you rescan all the hand luggage you just scanned two minutes earlier.

Of course I haven't even touched on the new "shuttle bus system" from the plane direct to passport control. Rather fittingly for Dubai, even the airport bus managed to find a traffic jam (near unloading bay number 3 if I recall) and got stuck for ages.


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