Wednesday, December 07, 2005


From the chilly streets of Europe, I've been following Etisalat's commitment to blocking Skype (at least it's showing commitment to something). Just to be tricksy, I've been gleefully purchasing credit for SkypeOut from a (non-blocked) server in the city of culture.

Now, not only can I speak to friends and family for free, I can also call everyone else for 0.017 Euros a minute. Yes, Etisalat, that means I can reduce my home phone bill and save you profiting from my wanton overseas calling. Got it? It's money you aren't making. Of course, this is all academic, and will turn round and bite me when Skype is blocked. So, till then, I'll get maximum usage of my 1960s-style headset and microphone.

Alternatively, Etisalat could invest in buying Skype-esque technology and licensing it to users for a (limited) subscription fee. Another Dhs10 a month on top of the already exorbitant amazingly reasonable ADSL monthly subscription is acceptable to most people, whereas blocking the competition isn't.


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