Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Bored of the dry season

Mercy claims she's lost her mojo, after a particulary long 'dry season', so the girls are full speed ahead on finding her a long cool drink of water (prepare for some metaphor-tastic prose as they run with this theme).

Sonya texted today: "Just seen a safari driver that is *breathtakingly* gorgeous. And he's a UAE national, so perfect for Mercy - dry season is approaching its end and the rainy season is nigh."

When Mercy protested that her dry season seemed to defy all natural forces, Sonya responded: "We'll find her an oasis, or build her a temporary falaj to quench her thirst."

Amber, in her normal direct fashion, asks: "Forget a sip of water, she'd rather have an oil slick ....."

With writing this poetic, we're all set to write our first slush novel.


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