Sunday, December 18, 2005

Monkey business

After what seems like forever, King Kong has arrived in Dubai cinemas. Newman and I trekked across to Grand Cineplex to see it, and were disappointed. Yes, it is the finest film to star a monkey in the last 20 years, but that doesn't say much - remember Marky Mark Wahlberg's shockingly bad remake of Planet of the Apes, or even the kids' movie VIP (Very Important Primate?), and Spanking the Monkey.

The CGI was far less believable than in the director's fantasy epic Lord of the Rings, and there were just too many dinosaurs. But, what is truly unforgiveable, is that King Kong changed size several times. When the waifly screamer Ann Darrow (Naomi Watts) was sitting in his palm, she was dwarfed. Yet when he was lying prostrate at the end, the bystanders were about the same size as his forearm.

But few cinematic experiences in Dubai are able to warm the cockles of my heart - thanks to the management's habit of turning the AC down to arctic. Even Grand Cineplex by Wafi (my preferred haunt as it used to be the warmest) has now graduated to two-pashmina status. Ibn Battuta and Mercato have one-sweater and pashmina ratings, but the worst offender is Metroplex on Sheikh Zayed Road, which demands full thermals, socks, gloves and a balaclava.


Blogger BarfUser said...

That business with the changing scale is, I think, Jackson's hommage to the original movie, which also had such changes in scale. It's been theorized that it was a kind of psychological portrayal of how she felt in his hand... It seems unlikely that as careful a filmmaker as Jackson would've overlooked it.

On the other hand, yea, the CGI when they were on the rowboats was totally lacking.

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