Thursday, September 01, 2005

Friends and Heirs

Friends Reunited (as yet unblocked by our favourite telephony provider, unlike Friendster) was created to allow us to keep in touch with all our old friends from school.

Well, that may be the rationale, but we all know differently. Friends Reunited exists for the sole purpose of allowing us to feel smug about those who were mean to us at school and have faded into insignificance (or got pregnant at 19 and are living off the state) or to fuel dinner-party conversation.

For some reason, my class of female over-achievers has mostly migrated into struggling pseudo-entertainment. One is an actress on the fringes of Hollywood, best known for I'm not sure what, apart from being voted "most layable fresher" at university. Another has shaken off her legal aspirations and is currently a part-time DJ on Brighton pier.

But all pale in comparison to the Anahita, now going by the moniker of Princess Ann-Clair. She has her own reality show on E! TV, entitled Love is In the Heir.

According to the write-up: Ann Claire is rebelling against the stereotypical life of a traditional princess. She has moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career as a country-music singer. The video of for Rubber Hits The Road is quite staggeringly bad.


Blogger clayfuture said...

I don't like Reunions. Waste of time. The friends you want to keep are already in touch with you. The ones you don't care about... well, do you really care what they are upto now?

"Most layable fresher" - funny!

10:51 AM  

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