Monday, August 15, 2005

Spinning around

According to a Dubai-based business magazine, plans are afoot to build the world's first "rotating city: in DubaiLand.

The report said: "The project’s planners have proposed that the development itself, as well as the individual properties it contains, will revolve. You will be able to acquire villas, apartments, floating villas on water, [and] flying villas [that] elevate in the air. So you have the accessibility to a villa that not only rotates on ground, but it gives you up to a 15 metre to 20 metre up in-the-air elevation."

No good for me, then, considering I get air-sick, sea-sick, motion-sick and am scared of heights.

Without a quote from anyone at DubaiLand, I'll check the calendar - sounds like it's April 1 to me.


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