Monday, August 08, 2005

Music maestro

Thanks to the random playlist in my iPod, I'm discovering choons I forgot I had downloaded (in retrospect, there may have been a reason for them lying undiscovered for months).

First up is a Will Young cover of Sade's Your Love is King. This was on the Bridget Jones' Diary soundtrack, so is about as middle-of-the-road-adult-orientated-rock as they come. I'm a bit embarrassed to admit I have it on my iPod, and more so when I discovered myself singing along.

One of the better finds was another cover, this one done for Jo Whiley on Radio 1. Lemar (product of a UK TV reality search-for-a-star show, like Will) did a version of I Believe in a Thing Called Love, which was a hit for the screeching, catsuit-wearing axemen, The Darkness. Lemar's version is cut with the Marvin Gaye classic What's Going On, as well as KC and JoJo. Sounds bizarre, but worth it.*

Suddenly, I seem to have reached the stage I promised myself I never would - where I end up listening to the Beeeeeeeeeeeta Mix on old people's radio, Emirates 2 FM.

* for anyone that's interested, you can download it from Limewire, source of that other classic, the Fatboy Slim remix of Prince's When Doves Cry and Depeche Mode (again, has to be heard).


Blogger LizzieD said...

The first time I heard radio 2, I thought they were saying the "Bitter Mix." Anyway, a great way to find *new* music is Yahoo's Launchcast. You put in a broad choice and then you rank songs, so it sends you tunes that are similar to what you like...I have discovered some amazing new artists this way.

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