Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Adieu, Secret Dubai

Sitting on a balcony in Europe with wireless connection, I have just read that Secret Dubai's blog has been blocked by the mighty Etisalat. On quite what basis, I'm not sure, as the author has always been measured and constructive in her comments on UAE society.

Meanwhile, it turns out that The Hen was reprimanded by CID in a club in Dubai for wearing her party outfit, which consisted of a black spangly G string over her jeans. Apparently it was indecent - so not sure what they would have made of Superman.

All in all, looks like Dubai's taken a step back towards the Dark Ages.


Blogger Son of the Desert said...

Check this out:


8:36 PM  
Blogger snow white said...

fairly conclusive then .... so it's back to commenting about flowers and trees (as long as they're not local flowers or trees and not owned by the government).

10:57 AM  

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