Thursday, June 16, 2005

Slasher movie

Ibn Battuta - the concrete monstrosity located some way down the crazy highway, just before you hit the Jebel Ali port. Rather confusingly themed in sections such as China, Persia and Indian courts - with the same yawnsville high street names present in any of the other thousands of malls in Dubai - it left me cold. Watching people posing for photos in front of the giant papier-mache elephant passed the time (and not a Japanese tourist in sight) but other than that, very little to report.

The IMAX cinema's the only selling point in the sprawling mall, and let's hope it's better than my last experience there. The Frenchman and I went to watch The Wedding Date (quite cute romcom, packed with Four Weddings-esque cliches but fun never the less) and were not amused to find it cut so much that it was only 65 mins long. That's a loss of 20 minutes according to on a PG13 film.

What could be quite so offensive to cinemagoers in a city that claims to be as cosmopolitan as London? A few smooches and a the odd "profanity" apparently - sounds like a tame night at Rock Bottom, then....

However, credit where it's due: during the recent power cut, Ibn Batty and City Centre were the only areas in a sweltering Dubai to have electricity and therefore AC. So, after a few hours of work at one of the Cities - and finding it near-deserted after a mass exodus - we decamped to Ibn Batty for lunch and an afternoon viewing of the Brangelina fest, Mr and Mrs Smith.


Blogger SAfrican said...

Hmm - I thought the Elephant was wood, in fact it is wood. But will take another look next time I walk past.

10:41 PM  
Blogger snow white said...

It might well be wood - I couldn't get close enough to check thanks to the people taking photos of themselves in front of it.

10:14 PM  

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